Construction Engineering and Inspection(CEI) services were provided during the construction of the Day Overlook at the Quantico Marine Base Museum. The project also included the construction of the new entrance road into the museum which is known as the Heritage Center Parkway. The project also included improvements to US1 in the form of turn lanes for the entrance and street lighting. This project was a Design Build effort with Branch Highways Inc. The CEI team worked with the Branch team to provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control of all contract items for the project. One of the key issues of this project was adapting to the various construction methods utilized. The Day Overlook is an outstanding architectural creation which required expert skill and craftsmanship as the enormous slabs of granite and marble were custom fit into place. Our inspection team had to adapt to the intricate details of the project plans and specifications. The Heritage Center Parkway is the new two lane entrance to the museum that is a beautiful stretch of roadway that meanders through the parkland. The improvements to Rte 1 were challenging due to the volume of existing traffic that needed to be maintained during construction. The three project elements posed vastly different construction challenges but all were completed in outstanding fashion. The project is receiving rave reviews from the visitors of the Marine Museum.