Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services were provided during the construction of the Mountain View Road Projects. The Projects spanned nearly 2 miles from Pickett Lane to 1,500 feet west of Joshua Road. The improvements to the roadway were for safety reasons as the horizontal and vertical alignments of the roadway were improved. The improvements also included the addition of shoulders and improved drainage. The CEI team provided Construction Management and Quality Control of the projects. Inspection Services included testing of the stormwater management facilities, earthwork operations, drainage installation, pavement layers and concrete items. The Inspection team provided assurance to Stafford County that the project was built according to the approved plans and VDOT specifications. One of the more challenging aspects of this project was maintaining safe traffic flow during the alignment improvements. There were multiple traffic pattern switches during the life of the projects. The projects were also built simultaneously with different contractors which also presented some coordination challenges for the CEI team.