New Hire Onboarding

This onboarding site contains descriptions for all documents required to be completed for RDA New Hires.  These are only document descriptions and blank downloadable forms.  Signable e-signature pdf packets will be sent directly to the employee for completion.

1 - Patient First Form

This form is to be completed by Patient First for Pre-Employment physical and Drug Screening.

Patient First Form


3- Authorization to Release Personnel Data

Consent form to authorize RDA to release employement data.

 Authorization to Release Personnel Data

5 - Driver's Consent Form

Acknowledgement of RDA insurance company check of employee’s driving record. 

Driver’s Consent Form




7 - Information Security Agreement

RDA Information Security guidelines for accessing and using company data and email.

Information Security Agreement

9 - Voluntary Self-Identification

Completion of this form is voluntary and will not affect your terms or conditions of employment.  This information is kept confidential and seperate from your application and/or personnel files by the Human Resources Department.

Voluntary Self-Identification Form

11 - RDA Directory

Infomation provided is available to everyone at RDA to use as a reference.  Participation is completely optional.

RDA Directory Authorization

13 - RDA Email Signature Setup

Instructions for creating RDA email signature.

RDA Email Signature Setup

15 - Voicemail Setup

Instructions for setup of Mitel voicemail including relevant feature codes.

Voicemail Setup

17 - W-4 Form

Employee Withholding Certificate from Internal Revenue Service

W-4 Form

18 - Employee Benefits Package

RDA Full Time Employee Benefits Package.

Benefits Package


2 - Timesheets and Direct Depost

Explanation of Timesheet completion, payroll schedule and Financial Institution Direct Deposit information. 

Timesheet & Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Information

4- Conflict of Interest Policy

RDA Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy



6 - Keyfob Agreement

Keyfob use and building access agreements for each RDA office.  Acknowledgement of receipt of key/keyfob.

Keyfob Agreement – Manassas

Keyfob Agreement – Fredericksburg

Keyfob Agreement – Richmond

Keyfob Agreement – Virginia Beach

8 - Emergency Contact Form

Emergency Contact Information.  Information will be keep in Human Resources.

Emergency Contact Form

10 - Authorization to Publish Birthday/Anniversay Information

Authorization to use your Birthday/Anniversay date in company publications.


Authorization to Publish Birthday/Anniversary

12 - Receipt of RDA Handbook

Acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of RDA Handbook.

RDA Handbook Receipt

14 - Ajera Timesheet Instructions

Instructions for completing timesheets in Ajera.

Ajera Timesheet Instructions

16 - I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification from Department of Homeland Security.

I-9 Form

18 - Form VA-4

Virginia Department of Taxation Personal Exemption Worksheet.

Form VA-4

New Hire Packets

Full Time Employees

Full Time Manassas

Full Time Fredericksburg

Full Time Richmond

Full Time Virginia Beach

Part Time Employees

Part Time Manassas

Part Time Fredericksburg

Part Time Richmond

Part Time Virginia Beach


Intern Manassas

Intern Fredericksburg

Intern Richmond

Intern Virginia Beach

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