Construction Engineering and Inspection(CEI) services were provided during the construction of improvements to widen Prince William Parkway from a 4-lane section to a 6-lane section for a length of approximately 1.8 miles, from Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road. The project included the addition of a 10’ bike path on the north side of the road and a 5’ sidewalk on the south side of the road. The CEI team provided inspection and testing for all project installations including earthwork, drainage, asphalt and concrete items. The team also provided daily Maintenance of Traffic inspections and reports as well as Erosion and Sediment Control reports. The CEI team provided Quality Assurance and Quality Control for the project. One of the key issues on the project was managing and maintaining traffic during the construction process as this section of Prince William Parkway is one of the most traveled stretches of roadway in the County.