Since 2001, the Prince William County Service Authority has had RDA provide water and sewer asbuilts of recently constructed subdivision sections, commercial and industrial sites, and various other constructed sites. These asbuilts are placed on the County State Grid Coordinate system and provide a means to the Service Authority of obtaining quality asbuilts without depending on a developer’s schedule. The asbuilts are provided in hardcopy form (examples to follow) to the Maintenance Division for future field use as well as in digital form (AutoCad) to the Mapping Division to be incorporated into the Service Authority’s intricate mapping system. Horizontal and vertical values are placed on all manhole tops with horizontal values placed on all cleanouts. In addition, invert elevations are provided for each manhole. As for the waterline asbuilt, horizontal and vertical values are placed on all valves with horizontal values placed on all water meters and fire hydrants. Fees associated with the asbuilt of the water and sewer systems are collected by the Service Authority from the developers based on a standard formula computed from time and cost calculations provided by RDA. With most newly constructed sites being GPS accessible, RDA now routinely collects asbuilt data with our RTK receivers, providing both a cost and time savings to the Service Authority